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HF-15B High Frequency Spark Tester

The HF-15B is ideal for applications testing smaller wires at high line speeds or when a direct ground to the center conductor is not possible/practical. The HF-15B meets a variety of common industrial standards including UL 2556, UL 1581, and IEC 62230 (when properly applied, using an application appropriate electrode.)

Downloads & Questions

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Technical Specifications

Major Features:

  • Pinhole/Bare Wire Differentiation

  • Flexible Communication Options

  • Reliability

  • Ease of Use



Test Voltage Range


Nominal Frequency

3kHz (load dependent)

Voltage Display

3-digit LED display

Accuracy 2% of reading

Fault Indication

3-digit LED counter

Amber Fault Indicating LED

Operating Modes

Continuous high voltage / Remove voltage on fault

Momentary relay closures on fault / latched relay closure on fault until reset

Power Requirements

100-240VAC 47-63Hz

Power supply is self-adjusting

Product Diameter (round wire/cable)

Up to 2 inches (3 inches with a brush electrode)

Electrode Types

Bead Chain, Brush

Bead Chain Electrode Lengths

1-5 inches

Compliant UL line speed with a standard 2-inch electrode

Up to 3333 feet per minute (load dependent)

Maximum UL compliant line speed with a 5-inch electrode

Up to 8,333 feet per minute (load dependent)

Compliant IEC line speed with a standard 2-inch electrode

Up to 10,000 feet per minute (load dependent)

Maximum IEC compliant line speed with a 5-inch electrode  

Up to 25,000 feet per minute (load dependent)

Output Power

4mA resistive

40mA capacitive

Detection Sensitivity

Conforms to IEC62230

Relay Outputs

4 x User-configurable relays may be tasked to any desired function.

Pinhole Alarm, Bare Wire Alarm, Voltage Watchdog, Cover Open, Pinhole/Bare Wire Count Limits etc.

Standard Communications

Modbus RTU via RS-485

Optional Communications (with purchase of accessory communication card)

Analog, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Pofinet, DeviceNET

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