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FL-8A Portable Fault Locator

The FL-8A is a specialized, portable, fault locator for applications where power is not readily available such as offshore oil drilling.

Downloads & Questions

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Technical Specifications

Major Features:

  • Compact

  • Ruggedly Designed

  • Battery Operated



Test Voltage Range


Test Frequency


Voltage Display

6-inch backlit color TFT touch screen

Accuracy 2% of reading

Fault Indication

Touch Screen Display

Fault Definitions

Open - A condition where a single conductor has no continuity from one end to the other

Metallic Short - Two conductors without insulation or. a conductor and a shield that physically come into contact with one another.

High-Voltage Short - Two conductors or a conductor and a shield which have no insulation between them but do not contact one another.

Battery Power

Ni-MH 24V 5Ah, rechargeable through FL-8A power cord.

Recharge Power

100-240 volta AC, 50/60 Hz 2 amps

Output Power

6mA Maximum 

Cable Loop Resistance

Metallic Short - 50 milliohms minimum

High-Voltage Short - 300 milliohms minimum

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