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STCAL High Voltage Calibration System

The STCAL is the Clinton Instrument Company's calibration system. It can automatically calibrate newer Clinton units and provides on-screen instructions for older equipment. The STCAL can calibrate any AC, DC, or high-frequency spark tester regardless of manufacturer and will generate a traceable certificate of calibration.

Downloads & Questions

We often provide our spec sheets and manuals in multiple languages. Contact us to let us know what you need, and we will get it to you!

Technical Specifications

Major Features:

  • Automatic Calibration

  • Generates Certificate

  • Ease of Use



Input Voltage Range

High-Frequency Calibrator (3kHz) - 500v-15kV RMS

LowFrequency Calibrator (mains and DC) - 1kV-30kV RMS / 100v-40kV DC

Input Frequency Range

High-Frequency Calibrator - 1-5kHz

Low-Frequency Calibrator - 50-60Hz or DC

Output Voltage Reading Accuracy

+/- 0.5%

Fault Indication

3-digit LED counter

Amber Fault Indicating LED

Operating Modes

Continuous high voltage / Remove voltage on fault

Momentary relay closure on fault / latched relay closure on fault until reset

Power Requirements

From tablet via USB

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