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The Clinton Instrument Company offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of the Wire and Cable, Plastics, and Medical Industries. Our primary focus is equipment for high voltage pinhole detection, spark testing, cable fault location, and spark tester calibration.

HF-15B Clinton Instrument Company


  • 3kHz high-frequency spark tester for high-speed applications.

  • Test voltage up to 15kV.

  • Supports line speeds up to 3333 feet per minute or up to 10,000 feet per minute with optional add-ons.

  • Output current limited to 4mA resistive and 40mA capacitive for operator safety.

AC-30B Clinton Instrument Company


  • Mains frequency AC spark tester for larger cables.

  • Test voltage up to 30kV

  • Supports line speeds up to 200 feet per minute or up to 1,200 feet per minute with optional add-ons.

  • Output current limited to 6mA resistive for operator safety.

DC-XXB Clinton Instrument Company


  • DC spark tester for very high-speed applications, multiple conductors, or heavy loads.

  • Test voltage up to 1kV, 10kV, or 20kV depending on configuration.

  • Output current up to 2.0mA, 1.5mA, or 0.75mA depending on configuration.

TST-10W Clinton Instrument Company


  • Specialized DC spark tester to be mounted on the cradle of a double twist buncher or twinner.

  • Test voltage up to 10kV.

  • Wirelessly communicates with control unit.

  • Requires only one slip ring providing 24v and a ground.

FL-20A Clinton Instrument Company


  • Automated fault location on multi-conductor cables.

  • Locates direct shorts, high voltage shorts, and open conductors.

  • Hi Pot function for failure verification.

  • Easy and to use requiring no specialized training to operate.

FL-8A Clinton Instrument Company


  • Portable cable fault locator designed for the offshore oil industry.

  • Compact design is water-resistant when the case is closed.

  • Battery operated.

STCAL Clinton Instrument Company


  • Full calibration system for any spark tester (regardless of manufacturer)

  • Automatically calibrates any B-series spark tester.

  • Generates a traceable certificate of calibration and exports to a file or network printer.

  • Guided on-screen instructions on the included tablet remove the need for specialized training.

STCAL-SM Clinton Instrument Company


  • Accessory to the STCAL.

  • Adds a sensitivity verification.

  • Compliant with IEC 62230 / EN 50356 and NEMA requirements.

IT head on.png


  • Impulse Spark Tester

  • Regulated Output Voltage

  • Process Control Output

stm front.png


  • Individual testing of multiple conductors

  • Up to 7 test modules per control unit

  • Unique fault output for each channel

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