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TST-10W Wireless DC Spark Tester

The TST-W is ideal for testing faults inside a twinner or double twist buncher where the take-up is on the cradle. It communicates wirelessly with its controller and only requires a single slip ring to provide 24v power and a ground.

Downloads & Questions

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Technical Specifications

Major Features:

  • Mounts directly to twinner’s cradle

  • Wireless communication with control unit

  • Bare wire identification



Test Voltage Range


Test Frequency


Voltage Display

Graphics Display

Accuracy 2% of reading

Fault Indication

Graphics Display

Amber Fault Indicating LED

Operating Modes

Continuous high voltage / Remove voltage on fault

Momentary relay closures on fault / latched relay closure on fault until reset

Fault/Pinhole & Bare

Power Requirements

BRC-W    100-240VAC 47-63Hz. Self-adjusting power supply

TSTW      24v DC @ 2 amps max

Electrode Types

BD-051 Bead Chain or BR0.3-2 Brush (for voltages below 2kC

Output Power

1.5mA Maximum 

Detection Sensitivity

Less than 600uA at 5kV

Relay Outputs

Form “C” contacts rated 2 amps max for both NO and NC

External Reset, HV On, Fault, Bare Wire

Standard Communications

2.4gHz Wireless Connection, RS-485 Serial Interface

Optional Communications (with purchase of accessory communication card)

Analog, Ethernet, Profibus

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